Agua Dulce, California

Agua Dulce (Spanish for sweet water) is an unincorporated community located in Los Angeles County. It lies at an elevation of 2526 feet (770 m) just north of Santa Clarita. The town has a population of about 4,000 and covers a geographic area of about 25 square miles (65 km_).
The town has a median household income of $78,000. The average household size is 3.1 persons.

Agua Dulce is best known for the Vasquez Rocks California State Park. Vasquez Rocks has been long used as a popular filming location by the Hollywood movie industry, most notably The Flintstones movie and the Star Trek episode "Arena." The 1971 movie "Duel" filmed extensively in the area. It got its name from the famous bandit Tiburcio Vasquez that used to run and hide there while being looked for.

Agua Dulce is home to the Agua Dulce Vineyards, the largest winery in Los Angeles County.

Agua Dulce also has a general aviation airport known as Agua Dulce Airpark.


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